How to solve the seemingly impossible problems in your life and make your dreams a reality!

Problems such as...

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You or your loved one have been ill for a long time, you desperate want to be healthy and get your life back and you've tried everything but nothing has worked.

You are single and you yearn for your soul mate. Unfortunately you're uncomfortable in the single scene and dislike internet dating, so you don't know how you are ever going to meet your ideal partner.

Your marriage is breaking up and you are desperate to save it but marriage counselling has not worked and you don't know what else to do.

You hate your job but don’t think it will be possible to find a better job because of the state of the economy and you believe you are too old or too young, not experienced enough or over qualified. You also believe that better jobs don't exist unless you move out of your city or town and you don’t want to do that.

You are sick and tired of working for someone else. You want to work for yourself but you don't have the capital to start your own business. Also, you have a family to feed and are anxious about the risks involved.

Your business is floundering. You desperately need more customers but the market is slow and you lie awake at night wondering how to pay all the bills and keep your business afloat. You've been working around the clock and you wish the mad world would just stop spinning for a moment and allow you to catch your breath.

You want financial independence and be able to retire soon on a comfortable income but you can't see how this can happen – you have not saved enough into your superannuation fund. It looks like you can never retire.

You want to be free and travel the world but you don’t have the means and don't know how it can ever happen for you.

You have so many dreams but they seem so out of reach. Everyone tells you to be realistic and live a practical, mundane life.

Imagine a hypothetical world where all of your problems no longer exist.

What if you could look at your life and effortlessly change everything you don't like about it?

What if you can have the life you dreamed of before the seeming realities of life stole your dreams?

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning with a smile on your face, feeling exhilarated, fulfilled and happy instead of feeling frustrated, exhausted and anxious?

What if you felt so full of energy at the end of each day that you look forward to spending time with your family and going out to socialise with your extended family and friends?

Imagine what it would be like if whenever you think of your future, you are filled with inspiration and confidence, secure in the knowledge that you can have everything you want in life.

Manifestation Training

The proven, yet unconventional methodology for solving seemingly impossible problems and making your dreams come true, despite all logical road blocks.

Manifestation Training is a comprehensive course that distils the very best spiritual teachings of the world's great religions and ancient wisdom into specific, actionable steps you can apply directly to your problems and solve them.

It is designed to help you to quickly and permanently transform the way you experience life and achieve your full potential as an empowered human being.

There are 5 aspects to Manifestation Training to ensure your success.


(1) Video Training Modules

The foundation training is organised into 6 modules, with a series of short videos that clearly explain everything you need to know to master each aspect of the simple, yet powerful Manifestation Process.


(2) Manifestation Tools, Checklists and Handouts

To assist with learning, audio tools, pdf checklists, posters and handouts are available for streaming and download.


(3) The Forum

If you have any questions whilst doing any of the modules, there is a forum where your questions are answered. This is also where you can read fellow participants' successful manifestations and share your own.


(4) Webinar Coaching (Fortnightly)

You will be supported for 12 months, via a live webinar coaching session every fortnight, to help you master the manifestation process and effortlessly realise your dreams. These sessions are recorded for your convenience. Some participants prefer to listen to the sessions while travelling to and from work rather than attending them live.


(5) Manifestation Hubs

Optional - Join a small group of other participants, to inspire each other to succeed.

Video Training Modules

Module 1: Welcome and Introduction

How to get the best results from the Manifestation Training Course

Module 2: Manifestation Theory - Part 1

Clarifying what you want

The problem with the traditional goal setting process

Understanding the Human Belief System

The 3 key elements of Manifestation

Who am I – the Key to Human Empowerment

The Manifestation Process – Foundation Theory

Module 3: Manifestation Theory - Part 2

How feelings generate outcomes

The 3 core limiting beliefs that make up the human projector

Removing the roadblocks to manifestation

Module 4: Foundation for Manifesting Big Dreams

Why and how to expand your awareness

How to get in the high Zone flow state for effortless manifestation

Module 5: Manifest your dreams

Manifesting your major life goals

Learning to manifest in the 4th Dimension of imagination

How to shorten the time it takes for your manifestations to materialise

How to overcome the doubts and the fear that arises in the 11th hour and keep persevering until you succeed in manifesting your dreams

 Transforming relationships quickly and easily

Manifesting through the day to create your dream life

Module 6: Manifestation - a habit for life

Manifestation Process Summary

Manifestation 12 month support program

Where to from here

Be inspired to make manifestation a habit for life


"After 10 years of being housebound with Chronic Fatigue, the brain fog lifted 4 weeks after my wife started manifesting my perfect health. It is wonderful to have my life back!"

Bryan S

"Five months after completing the Manifestation Training, I manifested $30,000 as a gift – it took 7 days to arrive." 

Susan P

"I was sceptical at first but I attracted my soul mate within 2 weeks of doing the manifestation training course. I now know that I can manifest anything I want in my life."

Melissa C

"Business was a bit slow when I learnt how to manifest. Within 3 months I manifested a 75% increase in gross revenue in a month. It took some persistence, but I now know that it works!"

David M

"After months of looking for a job, my ideal job popped up on Seek 24 hours after I manifested it in my mind. After a couple of interviews I got the job. Within two months I manifested a raise. I was also able to manifest the removal of some of the tasks I did not like doing and added other more creative tasks."

Gemma N

"I was thinking about breaking up with my partner when I did Manifestation Training. It took 4 months and a lot of faith, but I now have a partner who has transformed into the man I want in my life. Before Manifestation Training, I never thought it would be possible to save my relationship just by using my imagination!"

Ellen D

“I used to hate my mother in law with a passion. I was amazed that it took only 2 weeks to manifest a loving and joyful relationship with her. It's a miracle!”

Michelle G

"I wanted to work from home, so when I was doing the Manifestation Training, I manifested a job from home. Six weeks later, I got the job!"

Carol B

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You can live life feeling frustrated, angry, resentful, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed or feel empowered, fulfilled, peaceful and happy, so why not choose to be the best you can be?

Why not give yourself the best Manifestation Process you can get your hands on?

Why not arm yourself against life's seemingly random adversities?

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